How to Overcome the Anxiety of Flying

How to overcome the fear of flying

Before we can even start to overcome the fear of flying, we must try to understand the fear. Which is not just a simple fear, its a phobia. And it is a complex phobia. When someone has a simple phobia, they only have to worry about just one problem (eg: fear of heights, fear of small places), Lsd for sale but a complex phobia will give you a number of different fears in just one phobia. So you have to deal with multiple issues. That cant be easy! And that’s why people have a hard time finding out about how to overcome the fear of flying.

Here are a few fears that can be involved with the fear of flying:

– It could be a fear of heights,
– fear of small spaces,
– fear of not being in control,
– fear involving the safety of the plane,
– fear of falling,
– fear of panicking and losing self control etc.

The fear of flying is actually a learned fear, paypal survey $125 its not something that we born with. And there are a number of causes. Lets have a look at a few of those.

– Bad past experiences when flying

Maybe they had a bad experience on a previous flight. Some bad weather, maybe turbulence. Or maybe they just felt unwell and associate that with flying.

– Stress contamination

Maybe they had high stress levels before the flight from other sources and the plane magnified the anxiety. They might has a panic attack and now they associate flying with panic and anxiety attacks. aniioki

– Air disaster in the news

It is possible that another air disaster was recently featured in the news coverage. And when there is a plane crash, the coverage is massive. If the news covered every car crash in such detail, no one would ever get into a car again.

We can keep looking for the causes, but the truth of the matter is that it does not matter at all what caused the fear. Whats important is how to overcome the fear of flying. And thats were we have to focus our attention on. So what can we do to stop ourselves from going into a panic mode every time we even just look it a plane.

1. Learn to relax wallamag
2. List your fears, from the biggest fear to the mildest
3. Try desensitization to reduce the above fears
4. Use other self managing methods such as Breathing Techniques and Self Talks
5. Get professional help

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This guy had to travel to work each day by flying. And as he had a great fear he had to find out how to overcome the fear of flying.



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