Internet Media Tablets: Making the Right Choice

Being connected in the world today is probably one of the most prominent aspects of having a job and a social life. Answering emails and IMs on the go, or even have tele-conferences using voice over internet protocol technology is an important part of being considered for a job, or even staying int he loop with your friends. With all the modern abilities of today’s devices, having one that can function as multiple devices to keep our pockets and bags as empty as possible is a godsend. If this is the case for you, why not consider an internet media tablet?

Archos is one of the leading manufacturers of Internet media tablets and they have gained a good reputation for putting out a quality product that will withstand years of wear and tear. In fact, Wbseries Media Archos has worked single-handedly to define exactly what a media tablet should and should not do and why we need one when we are on the go. This is especially important if you are one of those people who loves to carry your media where ever you go in a portable device, then any Archos internet media tablet is probably a good investment for you. There are many different models to choice from, which fall under the category of numbers with the higher the number meaning a newer device with more features than the last.

Starting small with a device to test it to see if they suit your needs is probably best if this is your first entry into the internet media tablet market, and the Archos line 5 Series is probably your best bet. These tablets feature a nice sized 250GB capacity which will allow you to store plenty of music and movies. In addition, this series of tablet has a decent battery rate with up to 22 hours of audio or 8 hours of video. The tablet is completely touchscreen which may take some getting used to for new consumers, but your browsing experience should not be much different than using a tradition desktop or laptop computer.

If the 5 Series doesn’t offer you exactly what you need and you are needing something a bit more beefy, then you can upgrade to the 7 Series of tablets for a higher hard drive capacity and more battery life. The 7 Series has a nice 320GB HDD and the battery life is almost twice as long for music, garnering up to 39 hours, with around 10 hours of movie playback. Of course, you will still have the touchscreen features the Archos 5 Series offers, in addition to the wide number of addons that are available for this series of tablet.

Which model you choose depends entirely on what your needs are. The beefier 7 Series will require a larger space in your bag or purse, but you will get more bang for your buck. If you are fine with the smaller 5 Series and the price point is right for you, there are really no significant differences between operation of the device, other than a larger hard drive and more battery life. No matter which tablet you choose, you are sure to be happy with your Archos internet media tablet.



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