Healing Power of Honey

Honey has been used in Egypt, Japan, China and Far-East countries, as well as India’s native traditional medicine–Ayurveda, for centuries. pollenindex A spoonful a day can be effective in treating such illness as heart disease, high cholesterol, arthritis, cancer, indigestion, cold and flu, and many others.

ALLERGIES: Local honey contains a small amount of the allergy-causing pollen. Eating 1 teaspoon of honey daily allows the body to become used to the pollen by introducing the particles to the body in small doses. This decreases the chance of a histamine response, kutyulva such as sneezing or itchy eyes.

ARTHRITIS: Anti-inflammatory components glucosamine and condroiton sulfate are found naturally in Manuka honey. These agents combine with the immune system to relieve pain by improving circulation, removing waste from the joint and stimulating cartilage repair. Honey can be taken internally or applied topically to the affected joint. Also specific to inflammation and arthritis, izomautok cinnamon can be added to honey tea or made into a paste to help inhibit the release of inflammatory fatty acids.

CANCER: Studies of aloe and its anti-mestatic activity on lab rats by Gribel and Pashinski indicated that “honey increases the palatability of the preparation and could enhance the affects of aloe for its content of coffeic acid phenethyl ester, otthonszuletik a potent chemo preventative agent useful in combating diseases with a high inflammatory component, including various types of cancers.” Honey alone has adequate anti-tumor and marked anti-metastatic effects in five different strains of tumors in rat and mouse. Furthermore, honey assisted the anti-tumor activity of chemotherapeutic drugs when ingested before treatments. villanyt

COLD AND FLU: Studies show that honey’s antibacterial properties are helpful in fighting bacterial infections such as pneumonia, sinus and respiratory infections. Honey can also ease symptoms such as sore throat and cough by reduce swelling and irritation in the throat.

HEART DISEASE/CHOLESTEROL: Aside from sugars, honey contains several beneficial enzymes, amino acids, pigments, pollen, wax, and traces of nutrients from both bees and plants. Honey is high in potassium, calcium and sodium and B complex vitamins; ekszer these minerals can lower cholesterol levels in the blood. A study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food showed that people that ingested a solution of honey and water significantly lowered overall cholesterol, LDL (bad) cholesterol, C-reactive proteins, all which have been noted as risk factors for heart disease.

OPEN WOUNDS/SKIN IRRITATION: Research has been performed at Christie Hospital in Didsbury Manchester using New Zealand-indigenous Manuka honey to treat mouth and throat cancer patients after surgery. Honey can reduce inflammation and prevent methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, MRSA. This is a common bacterium and is found in the nose and skin. It will not cause infection in healthy people; however MRSA has become resistant to some antibiotics, allowing it to spread easily through cuts, surgical incisions, catheters and other open wounds in hospitalized patients. Applied to dressings several times daily, this special honey’s antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral, antioxidant, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties are ideal in treating these open wounds.

ULCERS / INDIGESTION: Professor Peter Molan, MBE of the University of Waikato has found that certain strains of Manuka honey are very effective in completely eradicating H. pylori when tested in the laboratory. A study concluded that Manuka honey from New Zealand, at concentrations as low as 5%, entirely inhibited the growth of H. pylori. Raw honey contains digestive aids such as catalase, diatase, invertase, and inulase. Its anti-inflammatory properties help soothe an aggravated stomach lining and its fatty acid content stimulates peristalsis.

Honey’s powerful healing agents are safe for adults, children over the age of one, and in appropriate doses, are ideal for individuals with diabetes due to its low glycemic index. It is important to know that honey in its natural form contains all of these amazing properties; however once honey is heat-refined, PG Slot it loses its power. Raw, organic honey should always be used to address health conditions.

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