Boost Your Brain Power! Do Something New Each Day

For many years, the prevailing scientific wisdom was we had a limited number of brain cells, and as those brain cells died off due to age or damage, they could not be replaced. The best we could do was try to avoid damage and hope that we aged slowly. link building services

Now neuroscientists have discovered that we can continue to create new brain cells and many new neural connections throughout our life spans.

The more you work your brain, performing new and challenging activities, the more new cells and new neural connections your brain makes. New and challenging are the key concepts here.

When you perform familiar or routine tasks, your brain takes the quickest, easiest, energy-saving route, using already formed neural connections. That’s why, for example, while driving to work, you often feel like you’re on auto-pilot. The drive is so familiar, you don’t have to “think” about it. On the other hand, performing a new skill and challenging yourself shifts your brain into a higher gear, creating a network of new neural connections and sometimes new brain cells. information technology service provider

Age and wear still have their deleterious effects, but the good news is, with regular mental effort, you can combat these effects and help slow or minimize the damage.

But how do you do this? By going back to our key concepts of the new and challenging.

Our basic evolutionary survival has taught our brains to be stimulated by and pay close attention to the unfamiliar. Anything new in the environment grabbed our attention and jump started our brains, looking for and preparing against potential threats. Our lives literally depended on always being aware of the new.

Today our minds still seek the new and the unknown. Though our existence is no longer under moment to moment threat, our brains still perk up when confronted by or challenged by something different or unexpected. Yet we live much of our lives blunted by the dull and routine. Alfao

Want to boost your brain power and get out of a mental rut? Try doing something new and mentally challenging each day. It’s all too easy to go on living your life on cruise control. You have to find the motivation, energy, and desire to do something new.

Playing games (board games, chess, and memory games like “concentration”) or doing puzzles (crosswords, jig saws, Sudoku ) are a great and fun way to do this. Keeping it fun will keep your interested and help to turn boosting your brain into a daily habit.

Or how about learning to play a musical instrument? Did you ever want to learn to play the piano or guitar but never got around to doing it? It’s never too late to try. You’ll get all those brain enhancing benefits and perhaps complete a long forgotten about dream.

Being social and putting yourself in new environments also gives your brain a little boost. Take a weekend vacation to some place you’ve never been before, new scenery, new people, and finding your way around a new town will give your mind a good and refreshing work-out.. Cellboost

Whatever challenging activities you decide to try be sure to mix them up from time to time, keeping them demanding and fresh. If you do only crossword puzzles each day, you will become very good at them – too good – most likely, and you’ll eventually find your brain sliding back to cruise control. Something that was once challenging, in time, can become routine.



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