India – The Global Hub Of Healthcare Tourism

The Indian healthcare sector has witnessed an unprecedented growth in the past few years. This phenomenal success is largely due to the increasing global demand for world-class healthcare facilities. India not only boasts of a huge pool of talented and experienced doctors but also is equipped with the latest technologies that aids in quality diagnosis and treatment of the illnesses. Apart from that, the medical services in India are relatively affordable as compared to that of the developed nations. Superior medical facilities at low cost is the prime factor that has been inducing patients all across the world to seek medical treatment in India. The growth of medical tourism in India has tempted many other countries to introduce packages offering similar facilities, but despite this, India still has an upper hand on them and is moving at a rapid pace towards its objective of becoming the global healthcare destination. Though the services provided by the other countries are good enough, India still continues to have an edge over the others due to a variety of underlying factors.

Some time back, Imedical Healthcare Solutions the healthcare tourism industry in India comprised of a handful of big private healthcare providers promoting themselves through tie-ups with various insurance companies and travel agencies. Over the period of time, the Indian government realized the immense potential of the Indian healthcare industry as a major source of employment and foreign exchange revenue generator. It then started collaborating with the smaller as well as the bigger medical service providers and worked together towards the common objective of making India a global hub for world-class healthcare solutions.

Over 5 lakh surgeries, more than a million other successful surgical procedures, a success rate of 98.5% in cardiac surgeries till 2002, 80% success rate in bone marrow transplants and 95% successful renal transplants… statistics can’t get any better than this. India produces the largest number of doctors in the world. Most of these doctors have completed their specializations from premier institutions across the world. India too has some world-class institutions that train these doctors. The presence of some of the best hospitals and medical institutions equipped with good doctors makes India a global choice among the patients worldwide.

Medical research in India has experienced remarkable success in the recent years. There has been substantial investment in the field of biotechnology research. Apart from that India has emerged as a leader in stem cell research. The superior healthcare infrastructure available in India has led her being considered as the preferred location for low cost medical research. Similar research costs a lot more in the developed countries. Several bodies such as the DCGI and ICMR have worked out guidelines to promote medical research in India. The growth and achievements in the field of medical research in India adds further solidity to its global image of a preferred healthcare destination.

It is not only the cost advantage that works in favor of India in making it an upcoming global healthcare destination; the growing government intervention, private sector investments, country specific marketing strategies, overseas facilitation centers and the unmatched credibility of Indian specialists has played an even bigger role in making India a stronger choice among the patients worldwide.



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