The Key (A Fairytale) – Chapter 6 – Skeletons And Snakes (Part 1)

We made our way through a peaceful countryside where we were always given the utmost courtesy and respect from the villagers. There were many days; however, when we didn’t run across any villages and were forced to fast (a John was very strict about not picking and eating fruits and coconuts, or eating anything that was not first offered to us). Instead of a hardship, however, this fasting actually turned out to be an interesting benefit. After a day or two without food, not only would my hunger disappear, but my inner work would become increasingly refined, to the point where I could remain in deep concentration for long periods of time. I filed this valuable lesson away for a day where it might come in handy. legenday

When we would stay in a location for a day or two, I noticed that a John would pace back and forth for hours under a tree. I asked him what he was doing, and he replied that he was practicing his inner work while walking, and mentioned that key seekers should practice their inner work at all times.

“I want to learn to walk like you do,” I said. . “Can you teach me?

“Only if you promise to do your inner work day and night!” He replied.

Was I ready for this? The inner work was just something that I did on the side, not something that was going to take over my life! lgdsilicone

“OK, I’ll try,” I replied

“Mark out a path about twenty paces long,” he began. “Then simply walk quietly back and forth at a slightly less than normal pace with your hands hanging relaxed and clasped in front. Keep your eyes down, focused two paces ahead with your shoulders relaxed. At the end of the path – stop, turn around and stand for a moment collecting your concentration before you begin walking again. Bring your concentration into your forehead between your eyes while you are walking. When you concentrate on this area and walk at the same time, it should feel as if you are looking out of a third eye in your forehead. There will only be the walking then with the king not involved.”

I began practicing as he instructed and found that this walking exercise had a profound influence on my inner work. When I sat down and concentrated on the breath in my nose, it was much easier, and the combination of the two was taking me so deep that I began looking through my forehead all the time. rajafantasy

About a month later, we came upon a huge iron gate surrounded by high walls. The area was thick with old, giant trees. Key seekers were gathering here from all over the countryside to spend the four months of the rainy season together, seeking the shelter of the community after wandering alone or in small groups throughout the forest during the dry months. We had arrived at the community of key seekers. yateartificialgrass

A robed man, who obviously knew a John, greeted us. They smiled in recognition, and after bowing to each other with their palms clasped together in front of their chests, which was the custom of key seekers, he led us down a long path through the dense forest until we eventually came to a clearing. In the middle of the clearing was a large, peaked-roof wooden building, two stories high, with a fire pit and small bell platform alongside. Leading from the building were many paths going in all directions toward the numerous huts scattered about in the forest that sheltered the robed men. The small huts were built on high stilts to keep out snakes, ants and the occasional floods, and were tall enough for a man to stand under comfortably. bbcforbes

We parted company with the key seeker that greeted us and walked toward the bell platform where a small crowd of villagers were assembling. Two of the men were pounding four stakes into the ground in a rectangular pattern while a group of women stood by watching, one of them holding the lifeless body of a small child. A handful of key seekers were assembled as well, silently observing with their hands clasped in front of their chests as the men placed enormous bundles of dry branches and twigs between the stakes. The woman with the lifeless child carefully laid the tiny body atop the sticks, and then stood back as a key seeker lit the wood on fire. In moments, the dry limbs blazed into flames. The child’s hair sizzled for a moment, before disappearing, followed by quickly blistering skin that peeled off the skull in the intense heat. Then the little body quickly turned black. autoperformancepartsdirect

The women were clustered around the apparent mother, who was softly crying, while the obvious father squatted on his heels with the other village men, surprisingly watching with little emotion. These villagers were strong people. A John had told me how they lose many of their children to the rampant diseases in the area and how they prefer to cremate them here in the company of these robed men whom they considered holy. gambleonlineblog



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