Utechsmart Venus 16400 DPI Gaming Mouse Product Review

I first used my UtechSmart Venus in April of last year (2014), newsev after upgrading from their 4000 DPI gaming mouse model. The 4000 DPI model was great, but didn’t have quite as many customizations I was looking for, so I switched to the Venus instead.

Right out of the box, the mouse just feels right. The packaging is actually pretty neat that it comes in, making it feel more like a comparable Logitech or Razer product. Included is a small instruction booklet with a CD driver, a couple of 3M branded non-skid stickers, and a nifty weight tuning kit. This was my first gaming mouse that came with weights, so this was a new experience. I ended up using all of the weights, dpimouse but I like a heavier mouse. The stickers adhered to designated areas on the bottom of the mouse, and are meant to make the Venus easy to use on every surface. The mouse itself has a really nice braided, gold plate USB cord. Doesn’t get twisted or bind up, ozlaptopreviews and even with my cluttered desk, I never find myself pulling on it like I do with the average corded mouse.

Anyway, the specs. The Venus maxes out at 16400 DPI, which is unreal. I struggle keeping up with the pointer anywhere past 8000 or so, but the functionality is impressive. It has five profiles you can set up, and each corresponds with a different colored mouse wheel. This is one of its Achilles heels, as you can’t actually change the color of the mouse wheel. Rather, you make the profile work around the set colors. Easy enough, but it wasn’t clear how that worked at first. You can do all of this, along with the colors and breathe rate for the rest of the lights, in the driver utility. It’s pretty easy software to navigate, and actually offers a great deal of functionality for both in and out of games. nachrichtenmorgen

Over a year later, my Venus works like brand new. I’ve had to reload the software a few times on different computers, but it’s worked flawlessly across a few generations of Windows operating systems. I was a little concerned about investing in a product from a company I didn’t know much about, nagricoin but it’s worked out great. I’ve packed it away for travel, banged and bumped it around, and it looks and operates like day one. The cord hasn’t frayed at all, and the USB cord is strong. Overall, an extremely functional product at a great value, that comes from a company that stands by their work. Keep up the good work, UtechSmart!



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