Fly Anxiety-Free – How to Overcome a Fear of Flying

Are you tired of just DEALING with your fear of flying? If you are ready to finally OVERCOME that paralyzing fear, deal with me for three minutes and you’ll discover some techniques that will get you comfortably soaring the skies in no time! Let’s roll! ufabettindoum7

Having a fear of flying is one of the most frustrating fears. You can feel helpless and also beat yourself up because you realize that millions of people fly seamless everyday, but it seems as if YOU are the only one that has a hard time. I had a terrifying fear of flying for years until I learned these techniques that I used to overcome it. Don’t worry, I’m not going to take all day…there are just three that you need to know to begin flying anxiety-free…

1. Learn how to calm yourself! This technique is not just for when you are actually on the plane, but for when those jitters start to begin before you leave. For me, ufabettinum7 anxiety would happen days before I was even suppose to fly! The anticipation alone would begin to literally make me sick; not to mention when I finally got to the airport! (I’m sure you can relate!) At that time, I had NO knowledge on calming techniques that could ease my tension and overall fear of flying.

Learning how to breathe is a proven way to ease your mind. When implemented properly, ufabetunitedum7 the brain receives abundant flows of oxygen which slows your heart rate and relaxes the muscles in your body. One technique that works for me is a simple deep breathing exercise. Try this one right now: close your eyes and think of a place that you went to that you enjoyed. Now focus on that place (with your eyes remaining closed) and take a deep breath. Hold it for 10 seconds and SLOWLY exhale. Repeat this three times. You see??? Feels good doesn’t it?! J This does wonders for your fear of flying whenever you feel anxiety starting to build. ufabetupdateum7

2. Take an iPod or DVD player! So many sufferers don’t realize that as restricting as your fear of flying may seem, one easy way to overcome it when you’re on the plane is simple distraction! This can be in the form of an mp3 or DVD player. I remember when I begun flying, I had neither of these items and for the entire duration of my flights all I could think about is, “At any minute (this or that) could happen.” When I was advised to distract my mind with music or media, ufabeturbanedum7 my flying became 10x easier!

For your iPod, listen to anything that only makes you feel good! There are songs on my iPod that I only listen to when it’s raining outside, when I’m sad, or upset. Yea…don’t listen to those! Make a special flying play-list of songs that either calm you or relax your mind. The good news for mp3 is that you can also put fear of flying audio help on it to calm you as well. For DVDs, ufabetutoredum7 I recommend any movie that you like. The good news about movies, is that on average by the time you watch a couple of DVDs you’ve made it to your destination without realizing it. (Just don’t watch Final Destination or anything like that!)

3. Educate yourself! The most problem for people who suffer from a fear of flying is simply they are uneducated. I was in the same boat. I’m sure you’ve experienced this as well; you get on the airplane and noises that you’re not familiar with start to freak you out. It may be the engines revving up, the workers loading the luggage into the bottom of the plane or something so simple as you’re ventilation system compressing. When you don’t know what’s going on, your mind fills in the blanks for you; convincing yourself that those sounds ARE NOT normal. However, they are!

Research the steps that planes and pilots take for take-off and landing. Research flight statistics and even talk to the pilots and crew before the flight! Though tons of people don’t realize this, ufabetutorum7 you CAN do this! (I started doing this and my flights were so much nicer!) It’s great to have someone to converse with while flying and if you befriend the pilots and flight attendants, I guarantee you will have a wonderful flight experience and be well on your way to overcome your fear of flying.



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