The Modern Meaning of the Story of Doubting Thomas

Thomas is known to be one of the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ in the Bible. He was also referred to as Didymus which literally means the ‘twin’. He may not be a popular one among the twelve but he earned himself the name ‘Doubting Thomas’. The doubting Thomas bible story began when he did not believe that the Lord Jesus Christ had actually risen from the dead on the third day after he died.

Christ appeared before the disciples but during that time, Thomas wasn’t with them. When he was told about the appearance, refused to believe and uttered the words: ‘Unless I see the nail marked His hands and place my finger on his wounds, and place my hand into his side, I shall not believe”. After eight days, the Lord appeared again and this time, Thomas was present, too. Jesus approached him and asked him to place his finger on His wounds. After this, Jesus uttered the words which were mentioned in John 20:26-29. 포커사이트

One of the most powerful lines that people live with is ‘blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed’. Such line is a testimony to the power that Christ has to heal those who ache. Being called as Doubting Thomas may sound a little negative. However, Thomas himself had very good qualities. He demonstrated a great deal of loyalty and courage. Thomas showed courage when he expressed willingness to accompany Jesus when He headed to Bethany in order to raise Lazarus from the dead.

The story of Doubting Thomas mirrors many people of today’s world. During this time, when life has become increasingly difficult for many, faith has been subjected to many tests. Certainly, Doubting Thomas lives in each and every one on this planet. Sadly, some people wake up from misconceptions and disbelieve while others do not. This story reflects the vulnerability and imperfection of human. Many people wake up every day with suspicions in their hearts. Like Thomas, seeing is regarded as a way of believing.

The truth is, with enormous faith, one can successfully achieve anything and everything. It is likewise written in the Bible, that nothing is impossible with God. This should be a good reminder to each and every modern Doubting Thomas we have. The doubting Thomas bible story is a revelation and manifestation of one truth -that human kind is imperfect then and now and it is only up to one’s belief that he can overcome such imperfection.



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